Monday, 15 February 2016

Social Media Good or Bad? Discuss!!

This morning I was trawling through the "news" on the internet, when I came across an article about Rebel Wilson and her speech at the BAFTA's last night.   She was asked to present the award to the Best Supporting Actor and, in my opinion, she was hilarious.    She made a risqué remark about the gorgeous Idris Elba and how she was "socially programmed to want chocolate on Valentine's Day" (which it was).   At the time I thought "Oh no! The liberal lefties will not like that" and I was proven right. 

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Now the question is two fold, we are all entitled to our opinion, Freedom of Speech, is the tenet we should all live by.   Indeed there are many armchair warriors (and I am fully aware I count as one!) out there more than happy to give their opinion on any and all topics.   The irony is these very warriors who stand up for their idea of social justice are the same ones that want to stamp on the Freedom of Speech for others.

The liberal left appear to be the worst of hypocrites.   They condemn something said by someone to someone else, as in the case above, then they go about labelling the speaker fat, talentless, ugly etc...   YOU CANNOT BE OFFENDED THEN SEEK TO OFFEND.

The world wide web was the brain-child of Sir Timothy Berners-Lee, the idea of being able to share information being the ultimate goal.    The ability to be able to look for a piece of information on the web is far easier that searching through a mass of encyclopaediae to find something only to find, subject to the date the book was published, it was out of date!   Such easy access to this knowledge has enriched everyone lucky enough to be able to access the web.

However, the dark side of the web, in my opinion, is the social media aspect.    The ability of people to insult others under a cloak of anonymity and the obsession of people to constantly update their profiles has imbued them with a sense of false self-importance.    I know of quite a few people who's self esteem is based directly upon the number of "friends" they have on Facebook.    Yet this very same social media, and Facebook is just one of many, is responsible for a inordinate amount of cyber bullying, indeed Daesh have been known to attract and recruit from their various Facebook accounts.

I respect the right of others to have their point of view, only in as much as they respect my rights to my point of view.    Unfortunately, in this day of political correctness gone mad, the sane, level headed, rational people's voices are being drowned out by the agenda driven, politically correct, mob mentality.

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