Wednesday, 18 November 2015


Living in France the horrors of last Friday's terrorist attack in Paris had a huge impact.   People were out with friends and family have a drink or a meal, some were at a rock concert, none of these people were advocating any political ideal, they were doing what all of us in Europe and the wider world do, minding their own business and enjoying themselves.    But some barbaric humans decided that this was something to be destroyed and they decided to kill and maim hundreds of people.   Why?  In the name of Allah?   Who is this god that demands such a sacrifice of humans?    Religion is a highly personal thing.    I myself would say that I am more spiritual than religious.    But I do not hold anything against anybody who has a strong commitment to their faith.   Indeed there are times when I admire the faith that some people hold and turn to in moments of dire need, if this is what comforts, soothes and heals you then why not?    I do not in any way shape or form believe that any one person's faith is better than someone else's or that those of faith are better that those without.

How can you murder and maim people in the name of your god? 

There are countless articles defending the Islamic faith, but the Koran has countless verses contained within it that espouse the killing of non-believers.    Have they been interpreted incorrectly from the original language they were written in?   Why do some extremists follow the Koran to the letter and others not.    I would love to sit down with a follower of Islam and ask their views on these verses and Sharia Law.   I do not believe in having an opinion about something so overwhelmingly important to some people without gathering the facts first.     However, based on the turmoil that is happening in the world at this moment in time, one cannot help but be wary of such a religion.    I remain to be educated.