Thursday, 19 February 2015

UK General Elections 2015

It is five years since the Lib/Con coalition took over the running of the United Kingdom.   Now there is to be a general election to vote in a new government for the next five years.   My eldest son, Oscar, turned eighteen last year and although he lives with me here in France, I felt it was important that his voice was heard.   His intention is to return to the UK in September in order to complete his university education.    So it is only right that he registers to vote for the next government of the UK, because their policies will directly affect him during his time there.

Often young adults choose the party that has been traditionally followed and voted for by their parents.   My ex-husband has not been on the scene for some time and I am not really sure that they have actively discussed politics, so it falls on me to guide Oscar through the maze that is British politics and to try to give him an unbiased a view as possible so that he comes to his own conclusions on who to vote for.

Many young adults don't vote for whatever reason, but it is important that parents encourage their children to engage with politics, because politics do not exist in a realm apart to real life, they ARE real life.   From the food on our plates, to the money in our bank accounts to the air that we breathe, everything to a lesser or greater extent is influenced by politics.

I will post regular updates on Oscar's journey through the pathways of politics right up to the final moment when the results are in.   I won't tell you who he voted for though, everyone has the right to nail their colours to whatever flag they choose but it is for them to divulge that information and it has nothing to do with anyone else.

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Real life vs Virtual

It is a sad state of affairs when we, as humans, are so obsessed with a piece of electronic equipment that we fail to appreciate the beauty of nature all around.   Especially in the case of a man on a sailing boat off Redondo Beach, California, why bother taking the boat out if you are not going to appreciate your surroundings?!!   The photographer, Eric Smith, was further away than the sail boat and in all the frames he took the man never looks up!!!   And I thought my boys were obsessed with their phones!!!