Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Strictly Come Dancing - Royal Special

Here 's an idea for the BBC to get back into the good graces of the normal* British viewing public. 

When normality returns to Britain, maybe a panacea could be to screen a Christmas edition of Strictly Come Dancing from Windsor Castle?   Promoting everything that makes Britain great, traditions, culture, history, you know the type of stuff the leftist wankerati want banned from our TV screens only to be replaced with multi-culti, gender non-specific rubbish that I wouldn't want to watch with someone else's eyes let alone my own.

It could be scheduled to run either side of the Queen's Speech, thus ensuring a dedicated viewing public.   Minor and major royals could partner with, suitably vetted, celebrity dancers and the judges could be the the usual four with the addition of Her Majesty herself and the Duke of Edinburgh to add his acerbic wit to the occasion.

Properly produced it could be the apology programme that the BBC will need to broadcast when the multi-culti, feminist, LGBTQ, BAME, diversity rhetoric is shown for what it is.   When the trustees and employees of this once bastion of television are hauled out of BBC Headquarters and publicly stripped of their jobs, to be replaced by loyal, traditional, open minded, patriotic personnel previously removed from their posts due to the rabid rantings of aforementioned wankerati.

One can but dream.......

*those of us who have all but given up on the BBC ever being able to produce non-partisan fact based news and not the leftist propaganda currently being disgorged on the nightly news and dedicated news channels.

Update to my girl crush heroines

Sometimes in life, we have to confront disappointment, in ourselves and in others.   Today is one such day and it is with sadness and regret that I am removing Christine Lagarde and Meryl Streep from my list of female faves!!

I fear we believe and strive for different things, I believe in honesty and democracy, Christine Lagarde obviously doesn't (Project Fear promotion from the IMF during the run up to Brexit).   As for Meryl Streep, well she is a vocal supporter of Hillary Clinton and seems to be able to overlook the egregious catalogue of sins that the latter has been party to; Benghazi, emails on private servers, corrupt dealings at the Clinton Foundation, the list is endless.  Personally, I think the only way the USA is going to halt its rapid decline is to vote in a business man first and a politician second.   All countries should be run like public limited companies, with the citizens as the shareholders and that is what Donald J Trump brings to the table.   A business acumen that may well be the saving of the U S of A!

P.S.  I am sure neither woman is going to loose too much sleep over this fall from my graces, but never let it be said I am incapable of changing my mind!!!