Thursday, 27 November 2014

Need to get this off my chest!

I have just read that net migration in the UK has risen by 40% over the last 6 months!!

All well and good if the immigrants that have moved to the UK are integrating into the society that they live in, but unfortunately that does not seem to be the case.

Racial tensions are on the rise and some people are feeling pressured into moving from their homes in some urban areas because the area has changed to reflect the needs of the immigrants that have moved there, rather than the immigrants adapting to the ways of the country they have chosen to live in.

I am an immigrant in France, ever since I arrived here I have learnt and spoken French, I work here as a freelance English teacher and I contribute to the system   I did not and do not expect special treatment and none is nor was given to us (just as it should be).  Although, to be fair, at the beginning my children were taught by a teacher who was fluent in English, but more by luck than judgement on our part!

What I'm trying to say is this; if you choose to live in another country it is because that country offers something your native land doesn't, be it the culture, the environment or even for economic reasons.   I'm not saying "go native", I am proud of being English first and British second.   Sometimes I stick out like a sore thumb in the rural environment that I live in, but do not expect a country that did not invite you to stay to roll out the red carpet and adapt to the way you want to live your life.   I am an immigrant in this country and always will be, my quirky English ways keep the locals amused.   I celebrate St Georges day, fly flags on high days and holidays (both French and English), have Boxing Day and watch English TV (you would too if you have ever watched French TV!).   All of this is within the confines of my home and I do not expect my neighbours or the wider community to accommodate me in any way shape or form.   The quickest way to alienate any population is to move in, import your way of life from your country of origin and expect the locals to implement these changes in their community and embrace this.

If the way of life in my native homeland is such that I need it and everything associated with it, then I would need to go home.   

Finally, if it was such a indispensable part of my life I wouldn't have left in the first place.