Tuesday, 23 July 2013

A new prince!!!!

I am not ashamed to say it.....I'm an ardent Royalist...not a card carrying, teapot collecting Royalist but a Royalist none the less!!

I have been following the coverage of the royal birth and the celebrations that have heralded the news of the arrival of the third in line to the British throne.   It makes me so proud to be British and I have to admit to having tears in my eyes (my boys think I'm nuts!!) when the Prince of Wales turned up at the hospital to meet his new grandson.

Unfortunately for the BBC such is their mandate they have to give unbiased coverage of the birth, which includes allowing the naysayers and republican contingent to spout their rhetoric.   I have only one thing to say to them ....GET A LIFE!!!   Yes, there is a lot of coverage of the birth of the new prince, so what?!!  Hugh Edwards was interviewing some silly cow called the "fleet street fox" (oh purlease!) on the BBC News channel giving her to the opportunity to deliver a diatribe referring to the other 2000 odd babies born yesterday and the trials and tribulations facing them, banging on about the lack of coverage on the war in Syria.   She stated that she was appalled that a specially minted silver penny will be issued to all babies born in the UK on the same day.   Why?  If my child was born on the same day as the prince I would be soooo proud and to have a silver penny to prove it would be the icing on the cake!   This is GOOD NEWS not something we get every day...yet the news has still been interspersed with murders, earthquakes and political machinations, so more than enough bad news to keep the "fox" happy (miserable cow!!)

As for the Republicans don't get me started!   Why do we need a democratically elected head of state?   Our Royal Family are world renowned, they are a draw for tourists and their continued presence in Britain gives us that certain something on a global scale that no other country in the world has.....why would we want to get rid of that?   They have had their ups and downs, as any family does, but theirs have been in the public eye.   It makes me laugh that these jumped up idiots postulate about the unfairness of the monarchy, methinks there is a little of the green eyed monster in them!!!

Me?  I'm proudly flying the Union flag outside my house in my little part of Normandy!!!

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge!!

Monday, 15 July 2013

1 week down - 7 to go!!

Week two in the Big Brother House..nope sorry!....week two in my house.   Four children to entertain, and another seven weeks in which to entertain them.   We have been to the beach twice, we have been blessed with beautiful weather and are lucky that the beach is only 20 minutes away.  We also went to the lock gates at Carentan at high tide, I still find it fascinating watching the boats going in and out of the lock.   Simple things please simple minds!!!!...and my mind is becoming more and more simple as the days roll past!!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Kevin & Perry live in my house!!

I wonder if when Harry Enfield invented Kevin and Perry he knew just what he had unleashed?!

My eldest son has taken the stereotype of both these characters amalgamated them into one and improved on it!

He regularly "hates" me and thinks that I am "so unfair".

I really dislike being a mother to teenage boys, there is no respite to the unremitting crap they dole out on a regular basis!!!  And BONUS! I get all three of them 24/7 for the next two months...YEAH!!

In my house it is a war of attrition, I can't show any sign of weakness or they strike like lions stalking their prey, one false move and that's it!.....the irony is in nature it's the lionesses that do the hunting, the lions just sit back and wait for the meal to be ready...Ermm? How does that work?!!!

The scriptwriters of soap operas would be hard pushed to convince the public that the crap that occurs in my life is "true to life".   My life is imitating art!!

How's this for an example;

No.1 son needed to re-enroll in Lycee this week, he was given all the paperwork (think half a forest!) the night before he was due to leave and told not to forget it under any circumstances.   He had had the previous five weeks off school because he had been on work experience (oxymoron - work is alien to him!).   He needed to get up on Monday at 5am to be at the bus stop for 6am.   He needs to cycle to said bus stop (5 kms) - not something you would choose to do at 5.45am but it's his education and future, not mine.   He is seventeen in 15 days time, he needs to stand on his own two feet.   5.05am a knock on my bedroom door, "Mum?" he says "You are going to school" I say "But I don't feel well" he says "I'll go tomorrow" he adds.  Do I really have to do this every Monday morning?   He's nearly 17 for goodness sake!!   I have three other children , two fourteen year olds and a five year old, but he still expects me to run around after him.  Guess what?   He forgot the form, left it on the coffee table in the living room.   Now, I know I could have taken it down to him, but it is an hour and a half round trip to his school and I have loads to do in this last week before they all break up.   So I rang his school and asked them to send him back on the Wednesday afternoon (he has Wednesday afternoons off) to collect the form and then he could go back on the Thursday.  He could have spent the afternoon with his friends in the cinema but instead he is here.   Will he learn his lesson?... Ohh! Sorry I just had to duck to mind the pig that has just flown past my head! Tee! Hee!!

Watch these and you'll see what I mean!!