Sunday, 17 April 2016

Gender Neutrality - the myth.

The link below will take you to an article about a set of twins who are being brought up in a "gender neutral" environment to the extent that they are encouraged to wear princess dresses when playing make believe.

In my personal experience, my three sons and my daughter have been/are being brought up to be proactive, empathic, polite and productive members of society.    Don't get me wrong, angels they are not!   I won't go into their many personality traits that I don't appreciate and believe me there are many (I should know they inherited many them from me!!)!!

Children play dressing up all the time, if you give them a trunk full of dressing up clothes (including dresses etc..) and tell them to get on with it then that's all well and good.   The virtue signalling of the parents is, in my opinion, more of a concern than the behaviour of their children.  

Gender neutrality does not exist when applied to humans, except in the rare cases of hermaphrodites.   That is science, IT'S. A. FACT.   No matter what sex you "identify" as being when you are an adult, it's your chromosomes that determine your gender and it is a parent's job to raise and nurture you accordingly.   If, at a later date, you find you are sexually attracted to the same sex, then so be it.   It means you are a homosexual not "trapped" in the wrong body.   The need for these parents to declare the gender neutrality of their children is a crass attempt to conform to the moral ambiguity prevalent in the p.c. world we have the misfortune to live in today.

Amongst the comments made was one made by a poster who, in their role as a councillor stated they "have seen very confused men commit suicide over the desire to wear women's clothes. As much as TV shows acceptance, it's still a battle everyday for them if they go outside....some of the agonized "cross dressers" mention that the trigger for the involuntary aspect of it comes from a specific trigger, i.e being in a dress and being told they are pretty by their mother is a continuing theme (nurture). Gender identity and finding a role in life as a male/female is a very delicate thing."

Unfortunately, the term "gender neutral" has been hijacked by some third wave feminists and social justice warriors who are keen to highlight the perceived inequality within society towards women.   The fact that these people are being given a voice and a platform, completely negates their argument.

As parents it is our role to ensure our children become stable, polite, productive and empathic members of society, which is only possible when boundaries are set.   Too much ambiguity has created the narcissistic, celebrity obsessed, virtue signalling, regressive society we are now living in.