Tuesday, 23 October 2012



This is my first blog, these are my own opinions and their aim is not to offend, but to open up a healthy reasoned debate.   Should you not agree with me, I am a fairly open-minded person and if presented with a valid reason as to why you think I'm wrong I will be more than willing to change my mind!! (Ha!Ha!)

I hope you will find my blogs interesting, entertaining and maybe (but not very likely!) informative.

I will blab on about things in the UK as seen from the eyes of an ex-pat in France and I will write about France as seen from the eyes of an english immigrant.   I definately want to blog about family issues but I won't blog about crafty things.   If you are after crafty things, and aren't we all, go to the link below.  My dearest friend Nicki has started a blog on all things crafty.   I try to be arty and crafty but don't have anyway near the same level of talent as Nicki so I will leave you in her very capable hands!!

Bye for now!