Wednesday, 28 January 2015

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2015!! (better late than never!)

Well here we are at the end of January, Christmas is a distant memory and the weather is enough to make you crawl under the duvet and post a sign saying "wake me when you see daffodils".

If January is a come down, February is the doozy for me!    I just have to put my head down and plough through the dreary days, reminding myself that the green shoots in the garden will soon be spring flowers and then the days will get noticeably lighter etc, etc...

The first month of winter in the northern hemisphere (a nod to my southern hemisphere followers - you know who you are!!) is palatable only because of the frantic preparations for the epic celebration that is Christmas.   The pretty tree lights sparkling in the windows of shops and homes and the municipal light displays in most of the villages here serve to distract our attention from the fact that we have entered into winter good and proper.

Then we have January, back to school and work, a chance to re-invent ourselves by way of  "resolutions" into better versions of who we are.

February serves to highlight our inability to follow through with these resolutions and that those less motivated of us (me) fell off the wagon weeks ago.   We use this month to self-flagellate ourselves for our lack of self-motivation and, BONUS, the weather usually reflects our mood thus reinforcing how crap we are!!  (or is it just me that feels like this!!!)
My way of coping with this is reading and re-reading The Secret, reminding myself that this too will pass, staying positive and trying meditation.   I've just downloaded a ten day trial of the Headspace app onto my phone, we'll see how Zen I can become and, who knows, I may just achieve some of my goals this year with my head in the right place.

Anyway, with the world in its current state I think 2015 is going to be a year full of surprises, some good (Greece voting in a government for the people and not Europe), some bad initially but that turn out good in the end (hindsight is a wonderful thing and something I am blessed with after the event) and some really horrific (two of which have happened already in Paris)

Anyway I wish you and yours a healthy, calm and peaceful New Year.


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