Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Let's get some perspective here!!

Okay let's get some perspective here shall we?   Over the weekend there were three main news articles, Network Rail's inability to complete rail upgrades on time, a car ferry on fire in the Adriatic sea and a missing aircraft in Indonesia.

I understand that the fiasco at Finsbury Park must have been hugely frustrating for those involved and many people could not make their train journeys to celebrate the festive season with loved ones.  Network Rail have said sorry, it was a complete mess by all accounts, and I am sure heads will roll


It is hardly the life threatening situation faced by four hundred people on board a burning ferry in the middle of the Adriatic Sea just of the coast of Italy.

Nor is it the tragedy that befell those poor passengers on the Air Asia flight QZ8501 whose aircraft crashed into the Java Sea.

So let us remember that some inconvenience is just that, but, at the time of writing this, one hundred and sixty two souls in Indonesia and an estimated thirteen in the Adriatic Sea have lost their lives travelling to or from their destination and they will never get to where they were going.

May they all rest in peace.




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