Tuesday, 28 July 2015

One down three to go!

First of all let me make this abundantly clear, I love all my children to the moon and back several times...but my role is to bring them into this world, give them values and principles to live by and then let them go.

My eldest, Oscar, has now left the nest and has moved back to the UK to continue his education.    He will be studying Architecture at South Bank University in London for the next three years.   I have read many articles about parents who are devastated by the departure of their children.   So why I am I not devastated?   I know he will be okay.   He knows how to wash his own clothes, knows his way around a vacuum cleaner (although he has not indulged in this particular pastime very often - the state of his recently vacated bedroom will attest to that!) and he can cook a mean cottage pie and spaghetti bolognaise.   So armed with these basic skills he will be all right in that big bad world out there and the most important thing he can take with him on his journey into independent adulthood?  Is the knowledge that I love him and will always be there for him if he needs me.

Will I feel this way when the twins, Jacob and Louis, leave home, or when Isabelle finally flies the nest?   Who knows?   But I will spend the next few years before this happens enjoying their company and preparing them for their adulthood (but I'll have a box of tissues to the ready just in case!)


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