Monday, 18 May 2015

France is on the cutting edge of science (LOL!!)

It's official, France is on the cutting edge of science, so much so that it has already filtered down to all the municipal workers and those contracted to work for the government, be it at a commune or a departmental level.   The science field they are excelling in?   Noetic Science!!!   The science whereby the mind creates the outcome (literally mind over matter).   How else can you explain the phenomena where one can pass a group of five workmen at 9.45am looking at a virgin piece of un-excavated road only to find that seven "workers" (I use this word advisedly!) were there an hour and half later with no discernible progress.   So one can only assume that instead of using the time honoured methods and machinery honed over decades, they have adopted the scientific mantle and are willing the hole to appear rather than digging at it!!

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