Tuesday, 30 September 2014

I told you so!!

My last post was a self-fulfilling prophecy!!!

But in my defence I have been really, really busy!

I stopped, re-started, stopped, re-started and stopped again!   I got to week seven and stalled.   But it is my intention to complete and graduate at the end of week 9 "running" for 30 minutes flat.   I say running, but I use an elliptical cross trainer (no-one should be exposed to the site of me running in public, it wouldn't be humane!!)

Since my last post I have;

  • been a juror on the long running English Debating competition hosted by the Conseil General de la Manche and organised by Sonia Clouet, a francophone English teaching, who is an inspiration to all her pupils
Here are my fellow jurors from the final held at the Maison Departemental in St Lo on 11th June 2014

Once again I was blown away by the extraordinary standard of the students that took part, it is a humbling experience to be part of something so extraordinary.

  • been a small part of the 70th anniversary commemorations of the D-Day landings...more of that in a separate post.
  • trying to maintain peace and harmony in the house over the interminably long school holidays! (although "maintain" implies that it was in existence before, which it wasn't!)
Ahead I have teaching commitments in two schools this term, hopefully with more to follow.  A reading to do (in French) at the christening of my one of my closest friends' baby daughter.   And anything else that fate and the Universe throw in my way - BRING IT ON!!

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