Monday, 27 May 2013

Driving in France

It's official I have just self-diagnosed myself as having Tourettes Syndrome, only brought about by driving in France!!!   OMG!!   I use words when driving that I have been known to tackle my teenage sons to the ground and wash their mouths out with soap for!!!   I don't know if its the ridiculous give way to roads joining the main road from the right, or if it is the tailgating or the inability of oncoming traffic to stick to their designated side of the road, but I turn into an absolute fishwife when behind the wheel.   I was once told that the french don't drive their cars, they aim them and they don't park their cars, they abandon them!!  So true.   The rules of the road here are made to be broken, unless it is in their interests to uphold them.   In which case you are still in the wrong even if you are driving on your side of the road with cars parked on the otherside and it is definitely your right of way and you are totally committed with no place to give way but then find yourself confronted by an idiot who has cut a corner to bear down on you with a full-on Gallic stare and arms waving.   Was I bowed but this show of testosterone (from his wife?!) Nope I just carried on driving, smiled sweetly and let go a string of expletives that would make a dockworker blush!!!   Such fun!!!   There I've said it....I feel cleansed now!!!!!

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